Clayton Fletcher Professional Hunter and Outfitter

Clayton Fletcher and his wife, Sabrina, are the owners of Tinashe, a wildlife ranch in the North West Province of South Africa. As a professional hunter and outfitter, Clayton and his team offer exceptional Lion and Plains Game hunting safaris in South Africa.

Big 5 Hunting

Clayton decided to be a professional hunter and outfitter when he was only a boy. Growing up in big 5 country, Clayton developed an incredible sense for the animals and the great outdoors. His skills as a hunter grew into a reputation that has seen him hunt with a Russian Prime Minister, King of Morocco, the royal family of Saudi Arabia and more.


Clayton offers his clients a wealth of plains game and lion hunting experience, which he has gained in the last three generations. His passion for hunting is deeply ingrained, and he freely shares his love for the outdoors with his clients.

Professional Hunter & Outfitter

Today, Clayton and Sabrina welcome hunters from all over the world to their oasis in the wild and uninhabited Kalahari. While Sabrina keeps the home fires burning to provide clients with luxury lodgings and mouth-watering culinary delights with a true taste of Africa, Clayton does what he excels at - the hunt.

It takes decades to gain the experience and knowledge that goes into safely and professionally guiding clients during a hunt - particularly Big 5 hunting, which can be dangerous to the uninitiated. These are the skills that are ingrained in Clayton's DNA. The rhythm of Africa beats in his heart, and passion for the hunt courses through his veins. These are the marks of a professional hunter and outfitter that you can't learn from a book, but only from getting down and dirty in the red sand of the Kalahari while the African sun burns hot on your back. It can only be taught at the hand of a master, as Clayton did when he was a young boy, out hunting with his father and grandfather.

Personal Service

Clayton takes pride in his success as a professional hunter and outfitter and guarantees outstanding trophies and great memories. Tinashe Outfitters offers personal attention by only working with one hunting party at a time, ensuring the best possible service and an experience to be remembered.

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